Manic Monday

Manic Monday – April 29 (Final Episode)

The final episode of Manic Monday with Monet and Friends!! On this episode we say good-bye to our pop-culture talking show. Kristen and Jarrod join me to say goodbye. Jarrod also makes fun of my shoes. Listen to the podcast here. Advertisements

Manic Monday – April 15

Just me and Kristen again on tonight’s episode. We talk about the Boston bombings and Glee’s shooting episode. Also what the hell is wrong with Brad Paisley’s new song? Listen to the show here.

Manic Monday – April 8

So at the beginning of the show I was… not struggling, but I was by myself but then Jarrod came and rescued the show! We talk about Beyonce and Jay-Z, the struggles of graduating, and just life in general. Listen here.

Manic Monday – April 1

We finally come back from a short hiatus! Tonight’s show it’s just Kristen and I. We talk about our Spring Breaks, gay marriage, and I mess up on Fall Out Boy’s song. Listen to the show here!

Manic Monday 3-04

On this episode of Manic Monday I am joined by A LOT of friends. Listen to us talk more about some GMU Confessions, why my little brother is hilarious, and how we feel about weight issues. Listen to the podcast here.

Manic Monday 2-25

On this week’s show we talk about controversial confessions on GMU’s confessions, how Pretty Little Liars answers one question but leaves you with ten more, and why “I saw your boob” is the latest hit to be sweeping the nation! Listen here!

Manic Monday 2-18

On tonight’s show my fabulous friend Jarrod joins me. We talk about GMU Confessions, my gym problems, and some The Walking Dead craziness. Listen here!