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While attending George Mason University I was involved with WGMU, George Mason’s student-run radio station. I started out as a DJ my freshman spring semester. I worked my way up, becoming the Production Director the spring semester of my sophomore year and then becoming the Program Director for Broadcast Operations and Production. While with WGMU I hosted and produced two shows: Manic Monday with Monet and Friends, a talks show I hosted with some of my friends talking about life, college struggles, pop culture, television, and some crazy morons. My other show was The Fearless Hour with Monet, a show where I featured artists and bands in the pop/indie/punk rock genres and sometimes I even got to interview some pretty cool guests.

During my senior year I became an intern at WIHT’s The Kane Show. I interned with the show for 11 months and I learned a lot. I become better at audio editing, I learned more about the practices of the professional radio world, and I even got to make some on-air appearances every now and then.

Take a listen to some of the podcasts I’ve posted of my days at WGMU and some of my appearances on The Kane Show.


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